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Nectar Collector Kit with Tree Arm Perc 510 Threaded Quartz Tip



Nectar dab bong collectors reflecting an inventive approach to dabbing are gradually becoming a popular choice for consuming concentrates or waxes.  From avid dabbers to beginners, nectar dab bongs offer unique dabbing experience by combining convenience and taste.

This article sheds light on some basic information about nectar collectors as well as offers some advanced tips to their usage. If you are interested to find answers of the following questions, please keep reading.



What are Nectar Collectors Dab Rig Glass Water Bongs?

510 Threaded Mini Nectar Collector w Ceramic Tip
510 Threaded Mini Nectar Collector w Ceramic Tip

nector collrctor kits 2Nectar collectors are a relatively new kind of dabbing piece that consists of straight tube design. It is just like drinking from a straw and perhaps that is why it is also called dab straw.

A nectar collector consists of a neck, body and tip. Mostly dab nectar collectors are made of glass or silicone materials. Usually, dab tips come in titanium, quartz or ceramic. Replacement Nectar Collector tips for different flavors and terps!

Additional information:

  • Quartz tips can heat up in matters of seconds if a right torch is used.  However, they are weak in retaining heat, they heat up quickly and lose it in seconds as well.  Quartz tips are popular among dabbers since they do not alter or change the flavor or taste of dab.
  • Titanium tips are highly durable. It heats faster than ceramic but lower than quartz. With excellent heat retention capability, it is perfect for long sessions.
  • Ceramic takes longer than quartz or titanium; therefore they are perfect for users who dab at lower temperatures. Some dabbers complain ceramic tips may alter the taste of dabbing.   

The topmost part of the nectar collector dab bong features the mouthpiece. This part helps you to inhale the vapor and taste the terps. Nectarpercs vertical dab rig bongs are spill-proof that include a built in mouthpiece. This convenient aspect of a nectar collector is highly valued among the dabbing community since you do not need any additional pieces. Apart from super easy cleaning, its small design makes it good for traveling.

The middle of the nectar collector features the main water bong body and different percolation options within the glass chamber. The percolator is a filtration system that uses water to filter and cool the concentrate vapor that provide the best experience.  Nectar percs has nectar collector kits with different percs including birdcage, tree arm percs, inline and beyond.  Each perc offers different experience.

We won’t get too technical here, but the chemistry of glass means that vapour basically slides along the surface without interacting with the molecules along the way.

That preserves the unique chemical makeup of the vapour and won’t make your fruity

Pebbles wax taste like anything but Fruity Pebbles.

Nectarpercs Tiffany Tree Arm Perc 510 Threaded Quartz Tip Nectar Collector Wax Dish Set
Nectarpercs Tiffany Tree Arm Perc 510 Threaded Quartz Tip Nectar Collector Wax Dish Set
Nectarpercs Nectar Collector XL Dish
Nectarpercs Nectar Collector XL Dish

Are nectar collectors good?

Nectar collectors are being hailed in the dabbing world for portability, ease of use and lack of wax waste. In fact, they present a unique way to consume cannabis concentrates. Nectar collectors are good if you wish to finish the last bit of concentrate into your jar. In other words, they are super-efficient.

Nectar collectors allow you to place the tip of straw in direct contact with your concentrates. With this, you can dab straight out of your container without a dab tool.

Unlike regular dab rigs, concentrates don’t stick or clog inside of the dab jar. This enhanced convenience and extended control make your concentrate to last longer.


How to use nectar collectors?

You can begin your dabbing experience using a nectar collector by heating the tip. Using a dab torch, heat nectar collector till it gets red hot. Depending upon your dabbing preferences, you may let the tip to cool down for a few seconds before starting consumption.

MOST IMPORTMENT Pro tip: Let the dab honey tip to cool down for 10-20 seconds in order to get to perfect temperature, this will ensure best taste.  You need to do a little testing for what is the best nectar collector temp for your dab.
Dab Rig Nectar Collector

Next, you need to place your concentrate on a heat-resistant surface such as glass or silicone which can withstand high temperatures. Surfaces or jars made from food-grade silicone are fine to dab with them since they have good heat tolerance.

Start inhaling while pressing the tip of your nectar collector slowly against your concentrate. This simplicity and ease of use make dab straw ‘fun toys’ for both avid and amateur dabbers.

Pro tip: Longer you press the tip against the concentrate, larger your dab will be. You can control your dab size by repeatedly tapping your nectar collector until you pull through your desired amount of vapor.

1 High Quality Nectar Concentrate Collector Dab Rig 510 Battery Cheap Prices

Furthermore, if you want to enjoy a highest dabbing experience from a nectar collector, we definitely recommend purchasing a high-quality piece.


What are the advantages of nectar dab bong collectors?

Nectar collectors are engineered to provide a unique dabbing experience. There is a range of benefits that can enrich your cannabis concentrates’ inhaling. What benefit of nectar collector you value most depends upon your usage and preferences.

Some of the dabbers value nectar collectors as being low-priced dabbing devices.  Others may prefer it over the dab rig because of its simplicity and ease of use.

As one of Redditors put it, “Personally they’re my preferred method for dabs. Cheap, easy and convenient. I like the clear glass kind”.

Nectarpercs 510 Threaded Mini Nectar Collector Dab Straw w Inline Perc
Nectarpercs 510 Threaded Mini Nectar Collector Dab Straw w Inline Perc

More experienced dabbers who look for smooth smoking may appreciate percolation that offers water-filtration typical of the traditional dab rig. With nectar collectors each dab filters through the percolation chamber before meeting a dabber in the mouthpiece. The dabbers community also appreciate nectar collectors for their ability to deliver a quick dab. One of the Redditors termed dab straw as ‘fun toys’ while commending their ability to deliver quick dabs.

Nectarpercs 510 Threaded Variety Pack Titanium Quartz Ceramic Nectar Collector Tips High Quality Nectar Concentrate Collector Dab Rig 510 Battery Cheap Prices

Many of the dabbers like nectar collectors because they offer economical dabbing with portability. Endorsing the value nectar collectors can deliver, one Redditor noted.

“Honest never used one until 3 to 4 months ago. Absolutely love my nectar collector! Definitely get one I got a cheap one for 40 bucks all glass”.


There are yet a few major benefits which may transform your concentrate inhaling experience.



The portability of nectar collectors makes them perfect dabbing devices on go. Their size and design allow dabbing lovers to easily fit them into any purse or backpack. For tourists and explorers who don’t wish to miss the puff of cannabis concentrate while they are traveling, freedom from tooling their dab is super cool. Plus, easy cleaning makes nectar collectors perfect outdoor dabbing devices. In short, bringing straw dab to a road trip can combine convenience with taste and fun.


Prevent wastage of wax concentrate

Nectar collectors are efficient dabbing devices. They help you prevent the wastage of wax. Unlike regular dabs, wax can’t be lodged inside the dab jar of nectar collectors. Furthermore, dab straw offers a top feature allowing you to monitor your intake. By controlling exactly how much concentrate you are smoking, you can effectively prevent wasting of your wax.


Social able and party taking piece

If you are planning dabbing in a party with friends, dab straw is your ultimate device to exhale cannabis concentrates. First, it is super light and easy to carry with a dabbing piece. Moreover, nectar collectors offer a quick way to dabbing. It means getting your dab ready does not require you to halt your fun. Moreover, due to its economical price you don’t need to worry much if it gets broken. If you are a partying individual as well as you love dabbing, nectar collectors are your ultimate choice.

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