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Nectar Collector FAQ & Tricks

FAQ-If you’ve never seen or used a Nectar Collector, it is a tool with an inventive approach to dabbing. Unique – The novel design of a Nectar Collector is always sure to catch attention. Design – The spill-proof design makes travel easy, and the fact that you can take it apart makes cleaning simple. Portable – It’s easy to take with you and offers a mess-free dabbing experience on the go. Self-contained – No tools needed; just heat, dab, and enjoy. It’s always met with some degree of awe and wonder whenever I bust it out in front of someone who hasn’t had a chance to dab with one before.


Place Your Concentrates In The Quartz Dish[FAQ]

You can choose any concentrate to dab with a nectar collector! Wax, shatter, budder, rosin or oil, you name it.  For me personally, I prefer dabbing oil other than wax or rosin. A few drops of oil on the quartz dish creates a very thin layer of concentrates for me to move the quartz tip or titanium tip around the dish, sucking up everything that’s in it and won’t waste a drop of my delicious concentrate.

Some dabbers prefer to dab straight from the jar that comes with the concentrates when they purchased it.  Be aware of the material that the jar is made from, you don’t want to dab straight from a plastic jar, the high temperature of the nectar collector dab oil rig tip could easily melt the plastic and generating some nasty vaper that’s very harmful to your throat and lungs. If the jars are made from food-grade silicone, it’ll be ok to dab with them since they are very tolerant of heat.

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Connect The Quartz Tip/Titanium/Porcelain Ceramic Tip [FAQ]

Choose your favorite type of tip for use! Comparing the tips. The quartz honeytip does provide a “purer” taste when it comes to dabbing, but the downside is the quartz tip dissipates heat faster than the titanium or ceramic tip. Ceramic/Porcelain tips have the best of both worlds and are our preferred tip. Titanium tip have the highest heat capacity and will provide you with barry bonds hits you’re looking for. It’s entirely up to your personal choice.

Fill The Body With Water For Filtration[FAQ]

Just like any dab rig or water pipes (bongs), the nectar collectors will need water for filtration and cooling down the temperature of the vapor. 

Bury the tip into some water and gently suck the water chamber will fill.  Excess water will pour out. Upon filling the NectarPercs design is unspillable you don’t need to worry about water getting into your mouth when you are using the set.

Use A Butane Torch Or Enail Coil To Heat The Tip[FAQ]

On this step, you’ll need to get the tip of your nectar collector heated up to your desired temperature for dabs. The most common way of heating the tip is using a butane or propane torch.  

How do I know when the nectar collector is hot enough for dabs?

Wait 10-15 seconds after torching your tip and you will feel the heat radiating from the nail/tip, your nectar collector is ready for dabs! 

Don’t heat your quartz/titanium/ceramic nail red hot! You don’t need that much heat to vaporize the herbal botantical concentrates, a red-hot tip could burn your wax, rosin, shatter, oil at a blink of an eye, making them horrible to taste.

Nectar Collector Tip

Put The Tip Against The Concentrates Then Inhale[FAQ]

Once you finished heating the nail/tip, place it gently on the quartz dish or other heat tolerant container containing your concentrates, use your mouth to inhale.

The heat of the tip will vaporize the concentrates immediately, as the vapor travels through the nectar collector, the water in it will cool down the temperature of the vapor providing the best dabbing experience.

Nectar Collector Cleaning[FAQ]

Many different methods to clean your nectar collector body. Our preferred method is to use a torch and boil the water that is inside the body. Once water comes to a boil; blow through the mouthpiece to force the water out. Repeat a few times and boom your collector is clean  Other cleaning methods;

Fill the chamber with alcohol or your chosen cleaning solution. Prop the piece vertically in a cup or drinking glass. Let it soak for an hour. Do it overnight if it’s really dirty. Place the tip in a Ziplock bag and soak it for an hour. Rinse the pieces with hot water until the water runs clear. Make sure to remove every trace of alcohol or cleaning solution off of the nectar collector.

In Conclusion - FAQ & Tricks

There are a lot of different types of nectar collectors on the market for sale right now and their cosmetic appearances might differ but the overall instruction of how to use one is mostly the same. It’s not rocket science, once you get the hang of it you can practically use any nectar collector at ease.

Nectarpercs is dedicated to providing the best-valued nectar collectors for dabbers all over the world, we’re dabbing enthusiasts ourselves and we’ll keep listing the latest dabbing technology on