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Nectar Collector Tip


When it comes to choosing the right nectar collector tip for dabbing, you’ll notice that there 3 variables; (1) Joint Connection to Nectar Collector Body and (2) Type of material nectar collector tips are made of (3) Shape of nectar collector tip. There is no easy answer for which nectar collector tip is better for dabbing as it’s more of a personal preference! Nectarpercs will provide you with information to allow you to make the best dabbing decision for your wax concentrates.

best nectar collector tips
nectar collector tips
510 Threaded Nectar Collector Mini

Nectar collectors typically comes in 4 sizes, 10mm, 14mm, 18mm the joint sex is always male as well as 510 Threaded joint. It is important to know your Nectar Collector Joint size so you can have a replacement tip handy for many different reasons such as breakage or swapping out tip materials for different flavor profiles.

10mm, 14mm and 18mm tips also may require a Keck Clip for securing to the nectar collector body. Or you can roll clipless and hope the tip doesn’t fall out and BRAND you! We recommend 510 Threaded Nectar Collector tips as they will never fall out and break or burn you.

[Pro Tip] Using a nectar collector dab straw for a very long time could force it to clog and/or become dirty both body and tip. The best way to clean the nectar collector body is to remove your tip, replace nectar collector body with clean water, take torch and quickly boil water in perc area, forcefully blow out boiling water, repeat this process; replace with new water, quick rapid boiling, forcefully blow out water until you are satisfied with cleanliness. Having a clean glass dab straw improves taste of terps and your overall dabbing experience. To clean your Nectar Collector Tips the best way is to use Q-Tips or place tips in a 420 cleaner to soak and rinse clean.



Quartz Nectar Collector Tip are the most popular tip material due to the purest taste and cheaper than titanium tips.

Pros; Best terp tasting, high temperature, inexpensive to buy & replace, easy to clean.

Cons; Less heat retention than ceramic or titanium, easy to break,


Ceramic Nectar Collector Dab Straw Concentrate Tips are a perfect balance between heat, durability and taste.

Pros; Ceramic tips allow for Long-lasting heat retention with excellent terp flavor profiles. Porcelain tips are a worthy addition to your vertical dab straw nectar collector collection.

Cons; Breakable, can overheat, does not taste as good as quartz but better than titanium.


Nectar Collector Titanium tip dab nail heat up rapidly and have long lasting durability. Make sure your titanium tip is high quality Grade 2 titanium.

Pros; Heats up fast, hard to break, gives biggest clouds of smoke.

Cons; I cannot state how important not to Overheat / Over torch the tip which will cause poor taste, cost, do not overheat!


Glass nectar collector tips are cheapest ones to buy and are least durable.

Pros; Cheap, easy to replace, easy to clean and pure taste.

Cons; Easy to break, cannot withstand high-temperature torching.


This is the standard shape for most nectar collector tips. This tip allows for the balance between airflow and vaporizing your wax concentrates.


Vase Shape Drip Tip is a new design for nectar collector tips. This tip design adds improved control when dabbing into your liquid gold.

nectar collector quartz vase drip tip 510 threaded High Quality Nectar Concentrate Collector Dab Rig 510 Battery Cheap Prices

This shape has more use in glass tips. The small cylindrical shape allows for honey collection and vaporizing.


Our experts conclude that it is up to the user and your personal preferences on which nectar collector tips are the best for you. Our expert consensus fell in love with the new 510 threaded quartz drip vase tips due to added intake control and feel. This tip provided the best taste & flavor and overall experience. Remember, the most important rule to follow during your nectar collector dabbing experience is proper tip temperature control making sure to let the dab nail cool off for 5-10 seconds before you dab into your goods!

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