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What’s a Dab Pen & Guide to 510 Battery for a Better High!

The Dab pens and vape pens are generally known as the upgraded version of the traditional cigarettes. These days Dab pens are the best choice to consume different kinds of dabs. The dab pens are the pass-through culture and they provide the best experience to its users.

Here are the top 3 the best dab pens you can get in 2021-

Vape Pen & Dab Pen

Guide To 510 battery for better high and dab pen

Let’s have a look at What are the 510 batteries are-

510 batteries are the most common batteries that can be found in the vape pen batteries in the stores today. Also, they use terms as the “510 thread” to find the suitable vapes according to the batteries.510 batteries are the most common batteries that can be found in the market these days(Up to 90% of the market covers the 510 batteries).

Types of 510 thread vapes

  • 510 cartridge battery

These batteries come with the standard 510 threads and also, they use and utilize magnetic adapters. That helps you to easily let the cartridges in. Most of the cartridge batteries draw-activated and few utilize a firing button and variable voltage settings. So you can crank it up and get a more strong hit.

  •  510 thread battery 

 510 thread battery officially made by Joyetech, manufacturer of the eGo-T, one of the first vape pen batteries.  510 thread battery generally comes with a pen-shaped design. These days they are rapidly growing and taking different forms that resemble miniature vape mods.


  • 510 Thread batteries provide a strong connection.
  • They come with a better and longer battery life.
  • Few 510 Thread Batteries come with advanced LED and LCD technology.
  • 510 Thread Batteries known popular for oil.
  • They have Portability
  • Comes with Lightweight
  • Has Cross compatibility
  • Weed vape pen 

The weed pens are used to vaporize cannabis and other types of oils with marijuana. Mostly the weed vape pen is like a writing pen. Also sometimes they are referred to as cartridge batteries. The weed vape pens come with a small battery that heats your oil in an atomizer cartridge that contains a wick and a heating coil.

And this heating turns concentrates into THC-filled vapor.

  •  Mini vape cart battery 

Mini vape card batteries used to vaporize the oil inside. These batteries allow the vape pen to run and manage its functionality.

  • Refillable 510 cartridge

These refillable 510 cartridges are known as empty 510 threaded vape tanks with a prebuilt coil and wicking system. You can fill them up with the THC or CBD vape oils and distillates. Normally you can use the nicotine e-liquid refillable pod vape for that purpose.

  • Variable mini vape pen

These mini vapes are the best   510 Threaded Mini Dab Pen is one the smallest ones you can get right now! These mini variable pens are lightweight, compatible, and fit perfectly in any pocket. These most of the mini vape pens provide just 10 seconds of preheat function.



Normally the voltage limits of these types of batteries are 3.7 volts. You can run these batteries on a wide variety of cartridges. The buttonless vape batteries are so easy to use. Also, you don’t need to turn these batteries on or off, these batteries provide the best user interface. Also, the buttonless batteries come in different colors, kits, and volumes


The variable voltage provides the extreme in power management and solid battery function. It comes with the best functions of the “dial-in” with these you can easily manage your voltage and the correlating atomizer temp. Also, these batteries have the Widest range of compatibility, on &off control, and provides longer life.


The concealable vape batteries know as the best in every world. It helps to Keep your cartridges Safe and it works with all types of cartridges safe. Also, these batteries provide variable voltage options to the users.


These type of vape batteries comes with the FIXED VOLTAGE and can be used in an auto draw or slim vape pen also this is the most common vape that you will find in the market.3.3 volts are the normal voltage limits of these types of batteries. Buttonless vape batteries should be charged at the lower amperage


The best quality vape battery will provide you longer battery life. consistent power ratings with holding a charge for more distant. On the other side, poor quality vape batteries will drain out easily and have lack durability. To mention-Nectarpercs sells only the highest quality weed pens that have the best quality of batteries. 

Better the battery better vape experience/hits

As going through this article, you might get knowledge about the importance of the best qualities of the different vape batteries. So we all should be agree on this statement that-

“Better the battery better vape experience/hits”

Nowadays, there are multiple types of vapes that are available in the market. That will provide you the best quality functions and longer battery life with ease you. Nectarpercs sells only the highest quality weed pens that we not only sell but use. Also, our products have the best pre-built batteries that make them on top of the competition.

Conclusion For Dab Pen

dab pen

The vape pens or dab pens industry is rising in the fastest way, There are a lot of vape pens with different brands that are available in the market, choosing the right one is still a crucial task.

The various Refillable cartridges can give you tremendous value as compared to any other vape that is available in the market. Also, these types of vape pens come with great quality so that will surely provide you the great value that will be worth your money.

You must choose vape pens that provide great functionality with ease of use and cartridge capacity. Best of luck with choosing your vape. Also, “Nectarpercs sells only the highest quality weed pens that we not only sell but use”. You can surely choose one from our store.

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