Nectarpercs Tiffany Tree Arm Perc 510 Threaded Quartz Tip Nectar Collector Wax Dish Set
Nectar Collector 510 Quartz Tip Dab Dish Kit
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Nectar Collector 510 Quartz Tip Dab Dish Kit



Nector Collector Kits come Tree Arm Perc Nectar Collector Dab Straw, 510 Threaded Quartz Tip and XL wax dish plus dab tool.

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Nectar Collector

Best Nector Collector Kits come with a complete dab set up for you to vaporize your medical and recreational cannabis concentrates. These dab straw kits are portable water pipes dab rig bongs. Tiffany color, spillproof, tree arm perc to add extra filtration and vapor cooling. 510 Threaded quartz tip provides the best flavors and terps profiles. Also included in this 4pcs is a wax concentration dab dish and a dab tool to shovel in that liquid gold.

A Complete Novice’s Guide to Dabbing


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