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Thermochromic Banger

Thermochromic Banger Color Changing Sand Quartz 2022

Best Quatz Banger 14mm

Thermal Banger Quartz Thermochromic
Thermal Banger Quartz Thermochromic
Quartz Banger Thermochromic Sand 14mm Male
Best Thermochromic Banger

Thermochromic Quartz Bangers are one of the most sought-after dab bangers on the market today.

Why are Quartz Bangers so sought after from the dabbing community?

The thermochromic sand provides the best heat retention, and, along with the color changing sand, will allow you to easily control the temperature of your dab hit. A thermochromic sand banger is an essential tool in your dab arsenal. This amazing feature doesn’t stop at the thermal part, having dual layered quartz also adds to the thermal insulation properties. The combination of these two features is great for your sesh and will let you enjoy your dab without the hassle of applying heat after every use. 

Thermal bangers is a huge upgrade from standard style bangers, titanium, or ceramic bangers. The dual pane quartz along with the thermal chromic sand will retain heat longer and will help your dabs vape at much lower temperatures, making your dab experience more enjoyable and with less lung irritation. Definitely one the coolest banger designs with superb functionality.

How the use Thermochromic bangers?

The thermochromic sand will change color when fully heated and the sand will revert to its original color once the quartz banger is cool. You will find the temperature that works for your by deciding what color works best for you. Quick PRO tip — do not take hot dabs!

Some additional features of the thermochromic banger:

  • Comes in many different sizes from 10mm,14mm and 18mm male or female joints.
  • Very cost effective and inexpensive.
  • Quartz is a very durable material and will lasts.
  • Color changing sand is very slick and provides the best dabbing experience.
  • Optimum air flow.
  • Fits glass bongs and dab rigs.
  • Can insert terp pearls or quartz diamond knot.
  • Can add Carb Cap.

What is the best way to keep my quartz banger clean?

Cleanliness is very important when dabbing. To ensure all those terp flavor profiles we recommend that you take a Q-Tip in between usages, ideally with isopropyl alcohol, to remove any excess wax concentrate before reheating.

Out of all the options out there for your dab experience one the most important is buying a high-quality quartz banger. It can be difficult to find due to all the options available on the market today. However, Nectarpercs is founded by avid wax connoisseurs just like you! We guarantee to bring you the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. We started this company to bring high-quality dab rig products at prices that everyone can afford. We want everyone to enjoy nectar dabbing just as much as we do.

Check out Thermochromic Bangers on sale now for under $20.00. These high-quality quartz Thermochromic Banger with sand colors Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. Torch the quartz bucket and the thermochromic sand heats up to 500 Degrees creating that long lasting dab session. Best banger and 14mm Male 90 Degree Color Changing Thermal Quartz Banger. 4mm Thick Quartz Double Wall Highest Quality.


Best Quartz Banger for Dabbing!

This thermochromic banger is great for concentrates and eliminates the guess work of not knowing what the proper temperature is! Honestly, it’s not so much that one needs to know the exact temperature, it’s the ability to know what you like and get the smooth flavorful hits every time. We hope you found this article helpful and informative. We started this company to bring high-quality dab rig products at prices that everyone can afford. We want everyone to enjoy the dabbing just as much as we do. We only sell what we use! #710 #adabwilldo


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